Integrating the Consumer Experience into Business Sustainability

Servicing the customer is not a new business concept.   However, what appears to be a growing trend is that more companies are incorporating consumer insights directly into product and service development. These actions are being examined by a number of notable sources have their own perspective on the value of incorporating stakeholder engagement into all […]

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Can You Trace the Flow of Your Supply Chain?

“Corporate supply chains, long opaque, even to the companies themselves, are becoming clearer. One reason: the rise in traceability and transparency technologies, along with the management practices that make them work.”
This quote was taken from a recent GreenBiz article, State of Green Business: Supply Chain Transparency Ramps Up.  In this discussion, the post dives deep […]

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Walking Through the Steps to Build A Sustainable Category Plan

Procurement organizations and professional consulting firms have traditionally focused their sustainable supply chain management efforts on project specific efficiency, particularly actions to reduce costs on projects.  While these practices provide a degree of spend control, our sustainability consulting practice supports the idea that the next generation of business sustainability goes beyond individual transactions.  Leading organizations […]

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Examining Sustainable Business Collaboration Themes

“Collaboration is vital for making significant progress on some of the world’s biggest challenges. In the next few years, multinational companies will be the key drivers of broad-scale collaborations to advance the sustainable development agenda.”
This commentary was the lead-in comment to a recent GreenBiz article, How Unilever, Facebook, HP and Others Lead Through Collaboration.  In the […]

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Reviewing Sustainable Innovation Trends for 2015

“While the key to growth is beating your competitors to market, you can’t rush off to pursue every major disruptive trend. Make sure you track leading market signals and criteria to assess the materiality of megatrends. Before you begin the ideation process, use strategic opportunity maps to assess and rank which spaces are most relevant […]

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Exploring the Truth of Business Sustainability

As the economy now turns towards a brighter future, focus is shifting from reduction towards growth.  With this positive outlook, tomorrow’s decisions are accompanied by the lessons of the recent past.  The expansion of business eco awareness and the revaluation of business sustainability risk have given the business world a new perspective from which to […]

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What Are the Top Areas of Interest for Sustainability-Focused Hiring Managers?

To compete and differentiate in today’s multi-skilled economy, business sustainability mined companies must have the right mix of talent.  However, sourcing these needed competencies can come at a considerable cost and effort, especially in what many believe to be a turning point in the current job market.  Our sustainability consulting practice wonders: Are talent mangers […]

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Revisiting Common Sustainable Supply Chain Risk

Executives seeking new and innovative ways to improve business processes, minimize risk, and reduce costs, should look to growing supply chain risk as an opportunity.  Today’s leaders are taking supply acquisition to the next level by incorporating sustainable supply chain management practices into their traditional ‘cost focused’ procurement decision making.
The CEB Procurement Leadership Council post, […]

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Sustainable Supply Chain Development for 2015

“Understanding a shifting marketplace and being able to shift procurement strategies is critical to any business and procurement professional who wishes to continue to drive savings from their supply chains. The results for this survey conclude that savings go up when procurement personnel are adequately trained.” -Strategic Sourceror
Building on this discussion, we turn our attention a […]

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Are You Creating a Collaborative Sustainability Business Model for 2015?

“Those of us working in sustainability know one thing for sure: We can’t do this work alone. The mission is too critical and the timeline too short…nothing may be more persuasive than collective, real-world examples from people you already know and trust about how to intentionally use that social network for real sustainability innovation and […]

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