Stakeholder Engagement is Central to Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Experience reveals that communication and supply chain collaboration have made their way onto the corporate agenda for many of today’s business sustainability minded organizations.  By integrating sustainability concepts across the entire value chain, businesses can create a balanced approach that aligns the sustainability values of the company with its key stakeholders.  Today we examine one company’s journey to realize these […]

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How to Dial-In Your Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies

“Procurement staff understand they need to apply different levels of sourcing discipline in different circumstances, but the way they’re doing so is too limited—to the point of rendering it ineffective.”

This was the lead-in to a recent CEB Procurement Leadership Council post, Applying Sourcing Discipline: The Problem with Procurement’s Approach. In the article, the author seeks to understand the […]

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Understanding the Human Aspect of Business Sustainability Risk

The ability to capitalize on opportunity or mitigate business risk often depends on the availability and access to quality information. Being able to sift through what is important and what is not can be a determining factor in transforming a good decision into business turning point. Today, we explore this topic of business sustainability risk from an alternative perspective.

“It […]

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Do You Know What Matters to Your Business Sustainability Stakeholders?

What are the five biggest risks facing your company, the five biggest opportunities on the immediate horizon, and the five most important pieces of information you are lacking that could have a huge impact to future success?  You may be surprised to see business sustainability concepts are all over the page.  However, the ability to connect the dots on requires […]

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Applying Action to Sustainable Development Planning

Whether in life or in business, the gap between awareness and action is often the biggest challenge in the implementation of any change. In terms of sustainable development progress, we believe that action steps represent the largest opportunity towards progress. How do we translate the enormity of accelerated global eco awareness into true impactful business action? Today we […]

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Integrating Sustainable Development Goals into Business

Earlier this week at the UN Summit on Sustainable Development, more than 150 world leaders committed to seventeen sustainable development goals (SDGs) on a variety of sustainability concepts with defined targets to be reached by 2030. Captured in further detail in the Environmental Leader post, What the Sustainable Development Goals Mean for Business, these new marks of success […]

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Helping Business Stakeholders Apply Sustainable Sourcing Discipline

“Trying to get involved earlier is not going to help Procurement increase sourcing discipline. Instead, the function should help the business apply greater sourcing discipline.”

This is the lead-in to a recent CEB blog post, Rating Business Partners’ Sourcing Discipline. In this article, the Procurement Strategy Council discusses the steps required to enable your business sustainability stakeholders to implement […]

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Reviewing Practices to Improve Sustainable Supply Chain Performance

“Experience has shown that to improve practices among supply chain partners — whether it’s for quality management, labor or health and safety — a collaborative approach is most effective.” This was a highlight taken from a recent GreenBiz article, How to Build Trust and Compliance in Your Supply Chain  . In reviewing this text, our sustainability consulting practice finds […]

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Taking Steps to Improve Sustainable Product Development

Over the life of our sustainability consulting firms’ existence, we have witnessed an explosion of sustainability led product development. From innovative products to true ground breaking business sustainability action, executives have come to realize the growing need to engage a broader set of stakeholders in their business operations.  However, many questions still remain.  Today the role of sustainable supply […]

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Can Environmental Performance Drive Business Sustainability Opportunity?

Over the last few years, business sustainability has taken on a new face, especially for those pushing the leading-edge.  Our sustainability consulting practice finds that the traditional measures of business progress are now integrated with sustainability concepts which have become essential to continuous success.  But don’t get overly optimistic that we have reached a desired tipping point. There […]

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