Exploring Tools to Mitigate Business Sustainability Risk

In the business world, unforeseen yet sometimes preventable circumstances can sometimes put supply chains relationships at risk. It is these situations that prompt our consulting practice to ask: Are you aware of how your suppliers could be affecting your business? Are you aware of the potential cost and business sustainability risk they may be incurring though short-term or […]

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What’s Next for the Sustainable Supply Chain?

Well documented implementations over the last few years have revealed that many executives and their procurement organizations now view environmental and social responsibility actions within in the supply chain to be both a risk mitigating strategy and a business opportunity. These corporate actions are taking strategic sourcing and supplier relations to another level of supply chain sustainability. With […]

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Zeroing in on the Sustainable Value of Your CSR Program

Pick up any popular business text today, and you will likely come to realize a simple fact. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is quickly becoming a business sustainability requirement. Leading businesses are being more strategic about environmental and social affairs by aligning their core processes with business sustainably concepts. These facts lead us to examine the characteristics of the best in […]

Thanksgiving Day Gratitude

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”  ~ William Arthur Ward

As today is Thanksgiving Day, it is a time to reflect and share gratitude.  Today is often colored with gratitude towards family, friends, and the blessings we have in our lives and business.  All worthy of appreciation! […]

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Design for the Future Is a Hallmark of Business Sustainability

“As design proceeds down a path of increasing constraints and increasing refinement, so does the process of envisioning and planning for sustainability within the context of addressing and crafting a new service, experience, product or even business.” -How to Design Beyond the Product: Innovating Our Way Forward.

These concepts were presented in a previous GreenBiz post and are further […]

Tips to Overcome the Sustainability Language Barrier

A challenge with corporate sustainability has been a struggle to translate sustainability concepts into everyday language that result in a mindset shift and evolved traditional business systems.  The reality of things is that business sustainability leaders often have to sell change to the organization and its management as a way to attain agreement and accelerate sustainable business implementation. This process […]

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Integrating Sustainability into Core Business – Lessons Learned

Too often discussions around business sustainability focus on pressing issues, risks, and negative outcomes. These have historically been the primary drivers for change. Our consulting experiences have shown that there can be a much larger prize in focusing attention to the other side of the equation. How do we create value through alignment?

Exploring this concept, we refer back […]

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What Can We All Learn from Walmart’s Sustainability Performance?

“It’s been 10 years since Walmart set out on its quest to become a leader in sustainability, beginning with three bold, aspirational goals…Walmart is unveiling the latest results in its decade-long journey to address its environmental and social challenges, and to be seen as a sustainability leader.” This is the introduction to a recent GreenBiz review of the […]

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Why Categorization is Critical to Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Emphasis on environmental awareness, social responsibility, and business sustainability actions within the supply chain has incentivized progressive companies to begin to evaluate more than just their inbound supply. Within our professional consulting practice, we find the once limited procurement function is now expanding its organizational reach to a variety of business sustainability stakeholders.

Building on these concepts, we seek guidance from […]

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Where to Gather Insight on Popular Business Sustainability Reports

For years, even before the business sustainability boom, mainstream media has been researching and writing about knowledge management. From the basic collection of information to the resulting motivated action, our consulting practice attempts to sift through the array of parallel efforts to define best knowledge management practices. One of our main business objectives is to differentiate between actionable sustainability […]

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