What are the Social and Environmental Forces Set to Reshape Business?

“Sustainability is already significantly affecting many markets. But environmental and social issues are also poised to keep moving much higher up the list of business priorities.” 

This is the lead-in statement to a recent GeenBiz article, 6 Trends Driving Businesses to Double Down on Sustainability.  Contained within this post, our sustainability consulting practice finds an in-depth […]

Green Jobs Remain a High Value Career Track

Within our professional consulting practice, we express to clients that pursing a ‘green’ career is a natural extension of living a sustainable lifestyle.   When you embrace eco awareness as a part of your daily life, it is natural to pursue the same in searching for a career.   Historically, the ‘green’ job market had been a little […]

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Four Focus Areas to Enhance Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Evidence reveals that more companies now believe that by engaging and harnessing the knowledge of key supply stakeholders, businesses can make significant gains over the competition who may be unwilling to share information.  It is this momentum that has our sustainability consulting practice enthusiastic about the evolution of the sustainable supply management.

This discussion […]

Applying Resource Management Lessons to a Broader Sustainability Perspective

“Successful businesses are those that evolve rapidly and effectively. Yet innovative businesses can’t evolve in a vacuum. They must attract resources of all sorts, drawing in capital, partners, suppliers, and customers to create cooperative networks…”

This quote was captured in a recent GreenBiz article, Water: Turning a Value-Chain Risk Into an Ecosystem Opportunity . While this […]

What Are the Forces That Are Reshaping Sustainable Project Management?

Today, executives now realize that stakeholders have an extremely important leadership role to play in the sustainable future of their business.  Recognizing this shift, many companies are seeking to refine their business sustainability strategies to improve internal and external communication, as well as, bring cohesiveness to their organization by promoting greater employee and stakeholder engagement.  These facts are […]

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How Can Circular Thinking Reshape Traditional Business Mindsets?

Reflecting back on the past few decades, the business world has witnesses a dramatic increase in eco awareness, with a significant shift in business sustainability knowledge and resulting action. Evidence of this shift can most easily be seen in the ever increasing number of alternative products and services available to consumers today. With these ‘green’ […]

Counter Actions for Green Marketing Skepticism

“Over the years we’ve seen all sorts of trends, where suddenly everyone decides they’re going to put a leaf on everything and somehow that magically people want to buy it…I think there’s a pretty healthy skepticism about at least positioning an environmental message up front is necessarily driving a lot of purchasing behavior.”

This […]

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How Do You Capture Sustainable Supplier-Led Innovation?

“Effective supplier collaboration requires overcoming a minefield of challenges, including: Motivating suppliers and internal stakeholders to invest time and effort; Picking and then delivering the right projects; and Achieving the right balance for protecting intellectual property.”

This is the introduction to a CEB Procurement Leadership Council discussion, Collaborate with Selected Suppliers.  Herein, the research […]

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Exploring New Concepts in Sustainable Product Development

Over the past few years, our business sustainability consulting practice has witnessed an explosion of sustainability led product development.  Executives are beginning to realize the growing need to engage a broader set of stakeholders in their sustainable development and design.  However, many questions still remain.  Today we examine the question: Where does sustainable product […]

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What is it Going to Take to Fine-Tune Your Sustainable Growth Strategy?

Our sustainability consulting practice has observed first-hand how business sustainability risk can affect a company and its stakeholders.  While many traditional risks appear obvious in retrospect, some hidden and intangible threats may still be hiding in the weeds.  The key question we explore today: Are your business sustainability strategies fine-tuned for future growth?

Today, […]

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