5 Steps to Targeting Your Crowd on Social Media for Thought Leadership

Target Audience_Thought LeadershipIn a recent post, “Why Tone of Voice for Thought Leaders on the Social Web Matters,” we explored the advantages to honing your tone of voice on social media. Tone of voice is important to establishing authenticity and trust in your brand and creating real relationships with others on social media. But many of our clients ask how they can pair the development of their voice with an audience building strategy on social media.

This is an important question, because in order to gain brand recognition, thought leadership, and clout on social media, tone of voice and audience must be fused. In order to build an audience on social media, you must know who your crowd is.

People on social media congregate in crowds around certain topics (referred to as “crowdculture“) and, in order to augment your following, you must tap into this throng of social media enthusiasts. After years of experience, our sustainability communications consultancy has come up with some simple steps that will help you identify and increase your audience and gain recognition from your soon-to-be social media admirers.

      1. Define Your Audience — Before you can find your audience online you need to know who your audience is. Who do you sell to? We recommend that you identify each of the characteristic variables that you look for in a business lead — profession, job title, income levels, age, physical location, interests, big challenges, etc.
      2. Construct an Audience — Now that you know the essential traits that you are looking for in an audience, create a social media persona. Example: A Twitter profile persona might be — Middle-aged man, Responsible Sourcing Manager at multi-national company, interested in sustainability, agriculture and food production.
      3. Let Keywords Guide You — You know who you are looking for, but how do you find them? Most people converse on social media around sets of keywords. Twitter has made keyword discussions easy by inventing hashtags (#), which help guide conversations around specific topics. Identify some people that fit your social media persona, and see what keywords they are talking about. Let these keywords guide you to other people talking about similar topics.
      4. Follow Big Names (Thought Leaders) — Every crowd on social media has influential leaders that guide conversations, inspire innovative thinking with new ideas, and are followed by lots of people. In the sustainability world, John Elkington — creator of the term “Triple Bottom Line,” is a perfect example as he has broken new ground in the field of business sustainability and is followed by 15.9 thousand people in twitter.
      5. Help Your Audience Find You — Posting content, ideas, and information around your keywords the topics that your audience is talking about helps others find you on social media. Having a content strategy sets you on the path to creating thought leadership for you and your brand.

If you want to know more about how to target your audience and become a more recognized thought leader on social media, sign up for our Executive Thought Leadership on Social Media Webinar Series or sign up for a FREE 15 minute consultation with a Taiga Company consultant. Your expertise is just waiting to be acknowledged.

About the Author:

Leveraging 15 years of business development, marketing, and communications expertise in the Energy, Medical, and Information Technology industries, Julie now consults and advises clients on purpose driven stakeholder communications in the social space. Specialty areas include a variety of issues intersecting between environmental stewardship, sustainable business practices, and the bottom-line benefits of sustainability strategies. Julie leverages a BA in Political Science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and IT studies from Southern Methodist University to meet the social, technological, environmental business objectives of Taiga's clients.