shutterstock_49616830 copy“If you have four walls, employees, and you sell or provide a good or service to customers, then you have a environmental footprint and a supply chain that influences that footprint.” This quote was taken from a recent GreenBiz post, Sustainable Supply Chains: The New Information Highway. In this article, our sustainability communications consulting finds some interesting insight into sustainable supply chain management. The author starts by presenting the characteristics of a successful sustainable supply chain management and goes on to pose several questions to organizations seeking to reevaluate their current business practices.

  • Is it a sustainable supply chain? What is a sustainable supply chain, or responsible procurement?
  • How do you know whether it’s sustainable? Do you develop and distribute questionnaires or surveys to your suppliers and then collect and analyze the results? Can you rely on the accuracy of those responses, or do you need to implement an audit program?
  • Do you take these actions across your entire supply chain, or do you prioritize? Is your prioritization based on those suppliers where you spend the most, or those goods and services you feel have the most environmental and social impact?
  • Who do you need to engage internally to then engage your suppliers? Is your purchasing group aware?

At Taiga Company, we believe that sustainable supply chain management provides companies with the opportunity to review processes, materials, and operational concepts from an expanded perspective. It incorporates the role of the environment in supply chain value creation. By integrating sustainability concepts across the value chain, businesses create a balanced approach that aligns the sustainability values of the company with its key stakeholders.

  • Develop long-term commercial strategies by supply category
  • Actively manage supplier/contract management plans
  • Forecast and manage demand
  • Engage active dialog with suppliers in a defined communication and change management plan
  • Implement key performance metrics in alignment with a continuous improvement plan

A key component of sustainable supply chain management and business sustainability success in effective communication. Our business communications consulting programs offer social media engagement strategies to companies seeking to optimize communication within the supply chain and their own organization. Contact us to learn how your company can address its sustainable supply chain management challenges through increased stakeholder engagement and supply chain collaboration.