Nine-Investing-Behaviors-Art2Given a choice between two companies that are otherwise equal, investors will place a higher value on the one that is more open and transparent. Given that sustainable businesses embrace the concept of transparency, one would think that access to investment capital would then be easier.  

Unfortunately, securing financing and investment dollars is one of the most pressing issues facing any start-up or businesses seeking to grow.  The ability to entice funding or ensure needed credit almost exclusively depends on meeting the qualifications defined by the lender.  Yet, as the future stability of business becomes further intertwined with sustainability ‘risk and reward’, investors now place business sustainability qualifications atop their list as a dominant determinant of return.  

The fact is, businesses with a demonstrated effort to reduce risk have a higher probability of a stable future.  With that said, ‘green’ investors are seeking executive leadership which understands business sustainability risk and opportunity.  Leveraging social media for sustainability and communicating corporate sustainability initiatives in the social space creates bridges between the corporate world and its stakeholders.  

Yet executives new to social media marketing question the social media strategy  and accompanying content to deliver on reaching investors in the social space.  Among the many potential areas of interest, following are a few that areas worth considering.

Energy Consumption Plan – The increased business risk of rising energy costs has investors rewarding companies with a demonstrated plan to reduce energy consumption and evaluate alternative sources of supply.

Emission Reduction Programs – As Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) continue to receive attention, proactive companies implementing process improvements and advanced remediation technologies are seen as more attractive.

Sustainable Supply – Growing concern with supply chain stability in the current economy, preference is being given to companies with strategic sourcing and procurement guidelines in alignment with business sustainability strategies and supplier operations.

Sustainable Market Strategy – With a noticeable change in consumer behavior, investors are seeking businesses with a business sustainability plan to tap into the expanding ‘green’ market and increase consumer loyalty.

‘Green’ and sustainability has shifted from a movement, to a market, to an investment opportunity.  As companies target risk reduction and a new, growing customer segment, investors are seeking to align with today’s best.  Our consulting firm provides information and professional services to improve your business and catch the eye of sustainable business investment via social media success. Contact us today to learn more.