3 Missteps to Avoid with Social Media Communications

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Social media engagement has become an essential tool for value creation.  In fact, the perception of social media marketing has shifted quickly over the last few years.  Previously viewed as a trendy or passing fad to now a “must have”  for any business seeking to secure a place in both the traditional and digital marketplace. [...]

Can Social Media Capture the Interest of Investors to Secure Investment Dollars?

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  Given a choice between two companies that are otherwise equal, investors will place a higher value on the one that is more open and transparent. Given that sustainable businesses embrace the concept of transparency, one would think that access to investment capital would then be easier.   Unfortunately, securing financing and investment dollars is [...]

A Social Media Roadmap for Corporate Communications Teams

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  Are you planning to develop a social media marketing strategy to communicate your company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainability plan? What are some things to take note of when using social media for sustainability? As an orientation, the use of social media collaboration technologies can help organizations break down silos and facilitate knowledge [...]