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How Social Media Communications Supports Sustainable Business Value, Reputation, and Engagement

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There are many challenges in sustainability communications.  The initial challenge is defining business value.  To get business sustainability action in play, you have to make a business case for sustainability.  This approach applies to all business sustainability efforts, including corporate communications and corporate outreach. A framework for companies to better communicate their environmental/social message must remain [...]

Are You Asking the Right Sustainable Supply Chain Questions?

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"If you have four walls, employees and you sell or provide a good or service to customers, then you have a footprint and a supply chain that influences that footprint." This quote was taken from a recent GreenBiz post, Sustainable Supply Chains: The New Information Highway. In this article, our sustainability communications consulting finds some interesting insight into [...]

Responding to Sustainable Business Investment Opportunities in 2016

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We are a few months into 2016 and while economic forecasts for the rest of the year aren't looking too bad, investors are re-grounding themselves in the search for investment potential. These investors are looking for ‘sustainable’ returns on their investments.  Moving into the second quarter, our sustainability communications consulting practice believes that by committing capital to [...]

How Social Media Communications Overcomes Sustainability Challenges

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Sustainability has emerged as an important component to our everyday lives, directly shaping our daily activities— the products we purchase; the materials we recycle; and our views on politics, business, climate change, and more. While its exact definition may vary, the concept of sustainability is generally recognized as integrating the environmental, social, and economic aspects [...]

How Social Media Communications Plays a Role In Business Sustainability Culture Change

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To build an effective plan for long-term business sustainability, teams must first understand that this activity involves more than just defining a vision, creating a strategy, implementing sustainability concepts, and managing the on-going processes.  Within our consulting practice we’ve found that most organizations usually have to step outside of their traditional business structures to add [...]

Sustainability Metrics: The Magic in Social Media Communications

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Does your company track sustainability metrics?  Does your company publish a sustainability or CSR report?   Are traditional business metrics and business sustainability measures distinctly different?  Should they be compartmentalized or brought under a common understanding?  Our consulting practice finds leading companies are adopting more comprehensive definitions of sustainability and business sustainability strategies that run consistently [...]

Enhancing 2016 Sustainable Resource Development Plans

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Many companies today recognize that the talent of the future does not reside exclusively, or even in a large part, outside the walls of their current organization.  Instead, talent development leaders are creating business sustainability cultures to define, retain, and motivate their top internal talent. Through consistent and clear communication, and employee engagement strategies, highly effective organizations [...]

Alignment: The Secret Sauce in Corporate Sustainability Storytelling

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  According to 2012 Cone Communications Corporate Social Return Trend Tracker, 84 percent of Americans hold companies accountable for producing and communicating the results of CSR commitments by going beyond the mission to robustly communicate progress against well-defined purpose. Some 40 percent go as far as to say that they will not purchase a company’s [...]

Capturing the Sustainable Investment Eye in 2016

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For many looking for venture capital to grow and expand their business in the coming year, questions rise about the future of sustainable investment interest and a potential decrease in enthusiasm. The reality is that business sustainability is only just beginning to take hold across all industries and on a global scale. Today, business leaders and entrepreneurs [...]

What are the Executive Mindsets and Communications Skills to Propel Sustainability?

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Sustainable business leaders are evaluating new markets, new products, and going after the most innovative people.  However, in business, every function has a purpose and every job requires a unique set of skills in order to fulfill that purpose.  When it comes to defining roles for a sustainable business future, what skills and leadership qualities [...]