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3 Reasons Why Building Workplace Sustainability Culture is Gaining Momentum

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Integrating sustainability initiatives beyond the sustainability department and into the entire workplace is delivering real business value to companies in 2016! Businesses that are creating true sustainability culture are achieving company goals faster and reaping higher gains from increased employee productivity, positive publicity from environmental and social performance, and the ability to attract and retain [...]

Identifying Obstacles to Sustainable Business Planning

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Looking back over the last decade, the world has witnesses a dramatic increase in eco awareness, with a significant shift in business sustainability knowledge and action.  Evidence of this shift can be seen in the ever increasing number of alternative products and services available to consumers today.  To make these shifts requires not only innovated ides but proactive stakeholder [...]

Exploring Performance Compensation as a Business Sustainability Driver

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Traditionally the underlying objective any of compensation structure has been to attract, motivate, and retain high performing staff. However, choosing the right compensation structure to achieve a specific goal can be difficult. Our business sustainability communications consulting believes that an essential component to any program is the link between incentives and desired behavior. Business sustainability has become a [...]

A Sustainable Workforce Will be Key to Success in 2016

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The hallmarks of business performance have always been defined in the quality of the companies sustainable workforce.  However, our sustainability communications consulting experiences reveal that top business sustainability cultures now realize that the drivers of these critical resources are changing. This shift has become a key area of focus for business sustainability focused executives. By focusing business sustainability [...]

Implementing Sustainable Strategies in Mature Spend Categories

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Traditionally companies have focused their procurement and supply chain management efforts on actions to reduce costs. While these practices provide great insight into spend control, the next generation of business sustainability is integrating sustainability concepts into their supply chains to evaluate risk and promote value through sustainable development opportunities.  So the question then becomes: How can a company transform [...]

Exploring the Progressive Stages of Sustainable Development

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The sustainability expectations placed on business today present companies with a unique opportunity to increase returns through a more proactive and responsive business model.  For this very reason, our sustainability communications consulting seeks out best practices and sustainable development opportunities. Today, we continue this exploration by seeking out the characteristics that define business sustainability leaders. In the Environmental Leader post, [...]

Are You Asking the Right Sustainable Supply Chain Questions?

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"If you have four walls, employees, and you sell or provide a good or service to customers, then you have a environmental footprint and a supply chain that influences that footprint." This quote was taken from a recent GreenBiz post, Sustainable Supply Chains: The New Information Highway. In this article, our sustainability communications consulting finds some interesting insight into [...]

Why the Circular Economy is a Hot Topic for Businesses in 2016

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A shocking study was revealed last month by The Guardian stating that there are at least 5.25 trillion tons of plastic floating in the ocean. Ironically, scientists have found that much of this plastic, categorized as “micro plastics,” is swallowed by fish and makes its way up the food chain to its original source — [...]

More Questions for Sustainable Business Development in 2016

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“Leading organizations are moving beyond general education to more formalized programs to harness sustainability as a foundation for innovation and new products and markets. To achieve these goals requires partnering with other departments, perhaps most significantly HR.” -GreenBiz Building on this discussion, the Corporate Executive Board offers its own valuable insight. In the CEB post, 4 Questions to [...]

Defining Business Value in the Sustainable Development Goals

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"We have an opportunity to unlock trillions of dollars through new markets, investments and innovation — but to do so, we must challenge our current practices and address poverty, inequality and environmental challenges....Every business will benefit from operating in a more equitable, resilient world if we achieve the [Sustainable Development Goals]." These comments were captured in the recent GreenBiz [...]