sustainability communicationsCommunications is all about talking about the key issues that are important to the right stakeholder groups.  Effective communication is also about listening and taking actions on the valued feedback you receive.  With that being said, basic questions surface.  Who are your stakeholders? What do your stakeholders care about?  What is the best means to engage with them?  And, what is your communications plan to engage and increase stakeholder participation?  

As specialist in online sustainability communications, we include social media engagement in our sustainable business programs.  Why? Because more and more stakeholders are participating in online conversations around sustainability concepts and issues affecting business reputation.  And, if you think brand perception in the online space doesn’t matter, guess again.  A strong reputation is a valuable asset to every business, but it is especially important in driving consumer eco awareness and business sustainability.  Executives, corporate communications, and employees need to be able to demonstrate beliefs with action. ‘Walking the talk’ is no longer just a catchy phrase, it is a critical component to driving sales and capturing additional market share.  

Having a sustainability communications plan matters. It communicates to employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders the authentic sustainable business actions your organization is taking.  This puts business sustainability into context for stakeholders.  Considering that sustainability concepts and definitions are still subject to interpretation and debate, the ‘active’ engagement and dialog with stakeholders cannot be overlooked when building effective business sustainability programs and communication plans.  

Keep in mind, different stakeholders need to know different things.  Investors want to know about business risk.  Suppliers want to know about sustainable supply chain initiatives. Community members want to collaborate with business  to affect change and get a better grounding for the corporate social responsibility programs and business sustainability strategies. And, employees want to know about the day to day implementation of CSR and sustainability plans in their work lives.  

Sustainability is a profit center.  Why miss opportunities to grow your business, advance sustainable business strategies, and protect environmental resources by not communicating with your stakeholders?  Contact us to get started today!