“We have an opportunity to unlock trillions of dollars through new markets, investments and innovation — but to do so, we must challenge our current practices and address poverty, inequality and environmental challenges….Every business will benefit from operating in a more equitable, resilient world if we achieve the

[Sustainable Development Goals].”

These comments were captured in the recent GreenBiz article, What’s the Business Case for Sustainable Development. In the article, the author examines the recently released Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their impact on business sustainability practices around the world. One concept that is presented is how financial profitability can be aligned with social purpose in order to tackle major global issues, which is a fundamental consideration of value creation that our sustainability communications consultancy believes must be present in any business sustainability endeavor.

One of the main challenges in implementing a business sustainability plan is linking sustainability concepts to business value.  While the endeavor to integrate sustainability into company practice is a noble business effort, most companies are in business to deliver returns to their stakeholders.  Defining a specific value proposition for each business sustainability initiative is one of the keys to success. While many organizations may have a strong corporate desire to demonstrate environment stewardship and corporate responsibility, companies most often have to make a strong business case to justify the time and resources. Stakeholder perceptions, mandatory regulations, supply chain risk, and other factors weigh heavily in the business case for sustainability. Some the most notable value drivers our sustainability communications consulting finds include:

  • Desire for Social and Environmental Stewardship
  • Increase or Maintain Brand Reputation
  • Need for a Competitive Advantage
  • Stakeholder Pressure
  • Rising Energy Costs
  • Present or Expected Regulatory Compliance Mandates

Placing aside the benefits of managing risk, stakeholder relations, and business growth, Taiga Company believes that building a business case for sustainability provides a company with a clear understanding of the opportunities, risks, and bottom line implications of their defined sustainability strategies. If building a business case for sustainability sounds like something your organization would be interested in exploring, contact us today! Our sustainability communications consultancy offers information and resources that can jump-start this process. Visit with us to learn more.