image: change management“The most successful transitioning leaders are not shy about making changes in their new organizations and have the skills required to successfully drive that change. In fact, possessing change management skills increases the likelihood of transition success by almost 50%.”

This quote was captured from the summary for an upcoming CEB Procurement Leadership Council webinar, Communicating Change to Maximize Performance.  At this event, the speaker intends to discuss the critical role leaders play in inspiring business sustainability action and resulting change.  “Senior leaders driving change often view their primary role to be inspiring people and creating a sense of organizational unity. However, a strong connection to the company actually does nothing to improve employee performance. The real secret ingredient: using our influence to foster stronger network contribution.”

At Taiga Company, we find that more companies today are looking to ‘sustainability’ leadership as a competitive core competency.  Tying corporate sustainability initiatives to the day to day processes of workers makes sustainability more personable to an employee and helps employees to identify their role in the company's sustainability efforts.   As such, we encourage business leaders to gain insights and valued feedback from those involved through some basic questions:   

  • What do we want to achieve with this change?
  • Why and how will we know that the change has been achieved? 
  • Who is affected by this change, and how will they react to it? 

By embracing sustainability’s core principals of inclusion, transparency, and engaged communication with stakeholders, sustainable change is not only possible but encourages ownership and accountability within multiple levels in the organization. Our sustainability consulting practice advocates that effective leadership should be aligned with the business sustainability goals and objectives of the organization.  In seeking to define required competencies of your own sustainability officers, we provide information and resources to companies seeking to redefine traditional business sustainability strategies by aligning business purpose with sustainability leadership across all areas of their organization.  Visit with us to learn how progressive companies are using social media strategies to further enhance the power of stakeholder engagement in their change management programs.