shutterstock_87698539 copyThe sustainability expectations placed on business today present companies with a unique opportunity to increase returns through a more proactive and responsive business model.  For this very reason, our sustainability communications consulting seeks out best practices and sustainable development opportunities. Today, we continue this exploration by seeking out the characteristics that define business sustainability leaders.

In the Environmental Leader post, “What Is Environmental Leadership“, our sustainability communications consulting finds a unique perspective on business sustainability leadership. Focused on environmental stewardship, the author presents an elevated level of thinking regarding business performance. The article goes on to offer a series of stages of organizational development that define a company’s environmental maturity.

  • Stage 1. Looking in the “Garden”: Are you, as a global corporate entity, using up natural resources on which you depend at a rate greater than they are being replenished?
  • Stage 2. Looking around “Neighborhood”: After looking in the garden, this is about asking how I compare with others. Is my competitor doing the same thing I am?
  • Stage 3.  Looking at the Planet: After looking around the neighborhood or marketplace, this is about asking whether performing better than my neighbors is actually going to help me in the end?
  • Stage 4. Looking at Goals: After looking at and measuring the health of the whole, this is about asking how my actions and those of other actors are coupled with a good or bad outcomes, and then deciding what to give up.
  • Stage 5.  Looking Within: After looking at our goals in the context of what is causing net benefits to the whole and being willing to devalue what we might have considered most valuable, this is about empathy, humility and imagination.

Taiga Company finds that many organizations have already adapted their business models to capture value through sustainable business development and leadership strategy reform.  In fact, the trailblazers of tomorrow will continue to push the edge of business sustainability to transform entire industry sectors.  The right business sustainability strategies and resources can help bring your business into the future. Visit with us to learn how applied business sustainability concepts can reshape the future of your organization.