Social Media Storytelling_MessagingMany progressive companies and professional consulting firms believe there is the widening gap between executive stated company goals and the organization’s actual business sustainability actions. While often very underestimated, the fact is this disconnection is growing into a quantifiable business sustainability risk that is catching executive attention.  Fortunately, within our social media consulting practice, we find many executives are now taking action.

“To build a more sustainable future (replete with conscious consumers and sustainable brands), companies must authentically communicate their brand’s story through ongoing engagement and action. In our perpetually connected world of mobile devices, Twitter and Facebook, consumers are bombarded with a flood of messages day-in and day-out — wonder how your brand’s sustainability message can rise above the noise and stick?”

This insight was taken from an older Environmental Leader post, Sustainability Messages Must Be Backed up by Real Action; Here’s how contained within the article, the author discusses the building blocks of a strategic communication plan through the successful campaigns of several well-known companies.  The article offers four key criteria to consider when creating and delivering on a business sustainability message.

Be Consistent – while your messages should come to life in unique ways through each channel, your message should be consistent throughout.

Be Transparent – the more information you provide about how your product is made, the more consumers will trust your message.

Be Creative – whether it’s through a downloadable game, interactive website, offline event, or more, there are a myriad of tools available for you to creatively share your sustainability story and engage consumers.

Be Bold – show consumers what the company stands for beyond its brands.

Now more than ever, business claims and actions need to be closely aligned. As we develop strategic roadmaps for executives, consultants, and sustainability professionals to develop thought leadership on the social web, we encourage our clients to recognize the value in providing business sustainability messages that are consistent, creative, bold and transparent.  Visit us to learn how a social media engagement strategy can transform your business.