Why ride a bike?  There are countless reasons but primarily, because it makes a difference.  

For starters, as escalating conversations on topics such as climate change, carbon legislation, energy independence, and growing consumer eco awareness generate forward eco movement for some it simultaneously creates confusion and skepticism for others.    We find, to address these complex issues, it's going to take all of us demonstrating eco awareness in our daily lives.  

Some eco actions are easier than others.  In fact, at Taiga Company, we promote green cycling as a means to make a difference.  You might be wondering, what is green cycling?  It is bike commuting or riding your bike and it is a win-win on many different levels.  For businesses and individuals looking to reduce costs, embrace eco awareness, and adhere to business and personal sustainability programs, bike commuting benefits everyone.  

How so?  even if you don’t ride a bike, we all enjoy the benefits of bicycling infrastructure. Every cyclist on the road is one less car, which means there is less need for expensive road projects that take money from other important government programs. Bicycle and pedestrian improvements cost a fraction of what it takes to widen streets and highways and improve the livability of our cities, attracting new businesses and development. 

More so, cycling gets you in touch with the natural world.  It’s what inspires us most as advocates of the environment.  Sharing eco inspiration from mountain bike rides in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Does this not make you want to get on your bike and explore the natural world? View all the pictures on the Taiga Company Google+ page