gratitudeHow grateful are you?  Does it matter?  Actually it does.  According to the video, The Benefits of Gratitude, Robert Emmons shares the results of his research on gratitude: better health, more happiness, and stronger connections to others.

From a sustainability viewpoint, how does one express gratitude?  Within our sustainable business programs, we suggest considering  the qualities of kindness, generosity, and willingness.

  •    Kindness in a sustainable lifestyle is not only being kind to our planet, but kind to each other.  Compassion for where each of us is in relation to the green path.
  •    Generosity in green living and sustainable business practices is not only sharing eco awareness and eco resources, but also going above and beyond to inspire, promote, and encourage others on the green path.
  •    Willingness in green living is demonstrating your values through eco action and generating results.

Now, you might be wondering how this fits in with social media for sustainability communications.  Due to the transparent nature of social media, using it as a communications channel is an opportunity to amass trust in business sustainability programs.  Executives, marketing teams, and sustainability managers can leverage social media engagement to increase eco awareness of the organization’s social ethics, environmental concerns, and philanthropic deeds.  Basically demonstrating the human values of kindness, generosity, and willingness that sustainable business programs, in essence, aim to deliver. Social media personalizes and humanizes these programs in ways that other people and stakeholders can “get it.”  

While many shy away from sustainability communications with stakeholders in fear of greenwashing claims or not saying the “right” thing, perhaps there’s a missed opportunity here. Consider being grateful for the opportunity to share what you and your company is doing with sustainability.  Be grateful that stakeholders want to know.  It means they care.  It means the greater world is opening up to the opportunities that business sustainability and sustainable living offers.  Be grateful that you have a voice in building a better world.