green-businessSocial media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are not only great ways for people to stay in touch with one another, they’re also a great set of marketing tools when implemented well. Using social media marketing can enable small businesses looking to further their reach to more customers, as well as, share about the sustainable business strategies they are using. Because your customers are interacting with brands through social media, it’s critical to have a strong social media presence on the web.  Otherwise, your small business may be missing opportunities online.   When a social media strategy is implemented correctly, social media engagement can bring remarkable success to your business.

Common goals and objectives around social media for sustainability include:

  • Enhance brand image and increase brand awareness
  • Develop stronger stakeholder relationships (customers, partners, suppliers, community-based relationships)
  • Improve ROI  

But think again! Social media marketing isn’t just that.  The post, Why Social Media Engagement for Business Growth says sustainability and social media together offer a refreshing and innovative approach to business.  Beyond the more familiar and traditional business value drivers of outbound communications, social media engagement offers specific gains to green and sustainable businesses.  Opportunity on the social web includes:

  • Engaging consumers in growth markets
  • Focusing interactions around ethical finance
  • Accessing concerns and opportunities to address shareholder value

Social media marketing can address more mainstream marketing drivers as well as more sophisticated ones.  It’s all part of the social media strategy that you have in place and how that strategy relates to your overall business goals.  Because social media intelligence incorporates a thorough 360-degree assessment of stakeholder engagement, there are a number of ways you can use information to your advantage. The right kind of information can be used for a whole range of processes in the business that can ultimately lead to your business’ success.   

Need help with your social media engagement?  We’re here to help!  Social media marketing can be a win for your business and a win for sustainable business strategies.  Get started today.