social media_brand loyaltyDoes your product or service sell on its sustainability credentials alone?  Does your company embody business sustainability concepts that today’s consumers demand?  When visiting with clients around social media marketing conversations, they tell us that repeat business is one of the most important aspects to their survival.  We hear more and more that company loyalty, brand loyalty, product loyalty are all essential to business sustainability.  Interestingly, social media engagement plays a significant role in building brand loyalty and repeat business.  

For starters, within our professional consulting practice, we recognize that developing and delivering commercially successful products and services that build customer loyalty can be a challenge in today’s dynamic consumer market.  To do this, we find companies:

  •    Shifting sustainability from a cost add-on to a consumer value driver.
  •    Integrating sustainability concepts directly into product and service development.
  •    Responsibly delivering sustainable product to market that consumers appreciate.

Stepping it up a notch, companies on the leading edge recognize consumer preferences are constantly changing, and they are tapping into that knowledge.  Unlike their predecessors, the ‘now’ generation of companies can no longer work in a strategy bubble.  To be sustainable, businesses must develop a dynamic and engaging business model to capture stakeholder interests.  Common business sustainability strategies might include:

  •    Active dialog with stakeholders on sustainability issues.
  •    End-user discussions on product or business sustainability actions.
  •    Reverse marketing to suppliers to improve materials and business processes within product supply chains.

At the forefront of these discussions are executives of these sustainability programs driving the conversation on social media.  They are using social media as an opportunity to amass trust in their corporate sustainability programs and to increase eco awareness of the business’s social ethics, environmental concerns, and philanthropic deeds. Moreover, stakeholders on the social web are informed in real time related to sustainability issues which further develops trust in building relationships.

In today’s business climate, the availability of sustainable options seems to be growing exponentially, yet consumers are becoming more educated and refined in their preferences.  Some companies are beginning to realize there is a diminishing return in simple ‘green’ marketing.  To succeed and step beyond the competition, the consultants at Taiga Company are helping executives and marketing teams engage in new ways to drive desired business sustainability action. Specifically, how social media marketing can grow the business and how social media for sustainability aids in consumer touch points.  Interested in building brand loyalty for your sustainable business?  Contact us today to get started!