Energy is big news right now. Rapid changes are taking place in the United States and around the world in energy trends and infrastructure, from the decline of coal and variability of oil to the rise of natural gas and renewable energy. If you follow energy news and conversation, you can’t have missed it.

For sustainability leaders in almost any business or industry, staying on top of energy news and conversation is imperative for thought leadership. And we have a way for them to quickly stay on top of and participate in real-time energy news and conversation. It’s called Twitter.

On Twitter, you can target information you are looking for with the use of hashtags. Follow a trending hashtag and you have suddenly tapped into real-time communications on your topic. Popular hashtags for renewable energy include #Energy, #Solar, #PV, #Wind, #Renewables, #RenewableEnergy, #EnergyEfficiency, and #Power. Let’s take a look at what we get for #Solar and #Wind.


After typing in the hashtag #Solar into the Twitter search bar, these are a few posts that come up. They should give you a sense of the major conversations about solar energy trending around the world.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy can work wonders for your home value.













Solar Energy2

Solar energy is creating lots of jobs








Solar Energy3

Utility customers want the government to support the adoption of solar energy through government subsidies










Solar Energy4

The rise of solar energy has created an influx of energy innovation technology like these rollable solar panels













The hashtag #wind is the same story as #solar – it tells us a lot about what’s going in the minds of global renewable energy conversationalists.

Wind Energy

Big news! The United States just go its first offshore wind farm! What does this mean for the expansion of renewable energy in America?













Wind Energy2

The United States is building energy infrastructure to transport wind energy across the country















Wind Energy3

Wind energy is controversial in the United States, but seems to be pushing forward





Wind Energy4

Wind turbines can be use for other things than just creating energy – like extracting clean water from the air















Twitter is a powerful social media tool for businesses communications and thought leadership. Used strategically, it can increase brand exposure, nurture business relationships, expose you to new networks of contacts, and forward conversation about sustainability. If you’d like to learn how Twitter can be used as a business-winning tool for your company or personal brand, contact us or sign up for our Executive Thought Leadership of Social Media Webinar Series.