The Business Sustainability Handbook

The Business Sustainability Handbook presents down-to-earth practical advice on how effective employee engagement, supply chain control, smart energy practices, and management leadership can help your company break through to the forefront of today’s socially responsible business environment. Available as an eBook and Paperback.




The Green Path

What exactly does it mean to be green? This practical guide for living green offers advice and solutions you can easily put into practice. Covering all the bases: green at home, at work, and at play, we explore the mindset to living a green, sustainable lifestyle as well as inspirational, easy ways to make sustainable choices and actions a part of your everyday living. Available as an eBook only.




A Year’s Worth of Ways to Green Your Holidays

Create meaningful new traditions that pair values and the human heart to those of appreciating our Earth’s resources. Designed for quick reading, this eBook illustrates the ease of including green and sustainability concepts into your holiday celebrations. Available as an eBook only.




The Metaphysics for Sustainability

At its essence, a sustainable lifestyle, or living green, refers to a lifestyle and set of choices that minimizes a person’s environmental impact. This eBook offers a plethora of information to assist you in creating a new, exciting lifestyle or just expanding on your existing sustainable lifestyle by re-thinking our traditional approaches to the ways we do things. Available as an eBook only.