One of the biggest pulls to go green is that it can often save money in the long run. While there is more than money at stake, your company’s bottom line should look healthy.


Gas, electricity, water. Some of the most significant changes that a business is likely to see. In fact, for large companies, these can quickly run into the thousands. Swapping all the light bulbs to LED power-saving bulbs can make a big difference. They last longer and use less energy. Look for power companies that work with natural energy sources. If you own the building, solar panels produce an incredible amount of energy in summer months. Research alternatives.


There are several things you can change about how you use the internet within your business. Look for a green host. Green web hosting companies address some of the issues involved with internet usage. They invest in carbon offsetting schemes and renewable energy sources. You can also cut down the number of resources you need by using a cheap VPS to speed up communications.


The space around your building is prime real estate for making a local impact. Creating green spaces is great for your employees, as it gives a productivity boost. But the green can also provide a much-needed space for insects and other wildlife. It can also contribute to cleaning the air. 


Many service-based businesses can work remotely. Studies show that remote workers can be more productive. When there are less staff in the building, the company will use less energy. There will be fewer cars on the road, and productivity is higher. 

Food and Drink

You can make a significant impact here. If you provide food and drinks to your staff, then you can choose where you source from. Look for organic, local produce. Or choose companies whose ethical values align with your own. You can find many coffee and tea companies that have recyclable bags. Opt for loose tea and ethically sourced beans to make a broader impact. Where possible, have a compost program in place too. 


Your business won’t go green unless everyone is on board. This means training staff in recycling programs. Create a culture within your company that has clear goals for sustainability. Encourage staff with perks for taking public transport and carpooling. Reusable water bottles and travel mugs will help establish good habits. You can place your company logo on to integrate your green efforts and your company. 

All companies should be considering their impact on the world. Looking for a range of ways to reduce energy consumptions, and impart those aims to their staff. Create a business that stands for something and makes changes where possible. People care where their products come from, how they’re sourced and what a business stands for. Companies of all sizes can make an impact through learning and adjusting. New technology, new processes, and future thinking that make changes where they are most needed.