eCommerce, while a constant and ever-changing game, has never been more critical in the world of business today. With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting how consumers do their shopping, more and more people are looking online to buy their products than ever before. It’s therefore hard to disagree with the glaringly obvious rhetoric that the few winners of the pandemic are businesses that had already built up a strong eCommerce presence before the virus took hold. Those who didn’t invest in eCommerce channels up until this point are now starting to fall at the wayside and closing up shop.

With the constant evolution of digital worlds and devices, if a new business wants to survive, they need an online store to keep up with on-going changing consumer behaviors. Not only to be more relevant and to improve sales but to also build closer relationships with their potential customers. 

Here are three eCommerce tips that are crucial to helping you grow your eCommerce store and stay afloat in this ever-changing landscape.

Be Mobile Friendly
For your business eCommerce channels to grow, a responsive website that is both Google and mobile and tablet user friendly is a must. With the ever-increasing shift towards mobile browsing, a well-designed responsive website is essential for business owners who want to continue to optimize their content while increasing their customer reach. A responsive website will react to the size of your customer’s screen, depending on the device that they are using. So stay ahead of the trends, and your competition, and build your site with a mobile-centric focus.

Don’t neglect your social media
Social media channels such as Instagram have seen the shift towards eCommerce and have realized the unlimited business potential, even developing eCommerce features on the app. Even if you aren’t a fan of social media personally, letting that get in the way of your online business is a bad decision that could even result at the end of your business altogether. Whether you like it or not, social media now plays an integral role in how businesses are run and how they communicate with their customers. Given this latest marketing and business strategy trend, stay relevant and up to date and hire an experienced social media manager to take care of and grow your social media channels, and focus on on-going customer outreach. By being active on social media, your business automatically looks professional and trustworthy, compelling potential consumers to visit your shopify eCommerce store.

Use compelling visuals
Humans are visual creatures, with 65% of us being visual learners. It’s, therefore, no surprise that high-quality visuals can help make or break a product when it comes to making sales online. In fact, one study has shown that 67% of consumers confirmed that the quality of a product image can, and does, influence their decision on whether or not to buy a said product. 

Make sure to have a variety of images available to your customers, ranging from extreme close-ups to 360-degree angle photographs that showcase the product in its entirety. Ensure that each product can be seen clearly by having a clean and crisp white backdrop and include clear and concise copy next to your images. Lastly, you always want your customer to be able to relate to you, your brand, and your products. Hone in on this crucial aspect and enhance your relatability by adding images of customers using your products, signaling to them on a subconscious level that your products are high quality and that they are missing out by not making a purchase.

eCommerce, sustainability, and growing your business can all coexist together and actually help build a better brand.